Customized MPCNC Controller

While there’s a large number of 3D-printable enclosures for the MPCNC (and Rambo boards specifically), I wanted to build something a little more durable and portable than simply a printed enclosure. I also opted to use a 37-pin D-Sub style connector to allow the controller to move between different machines in the future.

Wifi Irrigation Project

This project really traces its roots back to 2012, when I built a temporary irrigation solution for a small herb garden on our apartment balcony. That particular solution was designed to simply water our herbs while we were away on vacation, and was certainly limited by the fact that the 5 gallon bucket only held a 5-6 day water supply, and contained no smarts of any kind—outside of the MacGyver’d pond pump connected to a Christmas light timer. In 2016 we moved into our house—outgrowing the 5-gallon bucket solution, and starting our home automation journey. After building a new herb and vegetable planter, and planting new shrubs this year, it was time to upgrade our irrigation solution.