SharePoint Saturday; Why We Do This

Having been to and spoken at a few SharePoint Saturday events over the last couple years, it’s inevitable that I get asked by an attendee at every event why we go out of our way to participate in these events. What, the speakers aren’t paid? You guys come out here on your own dime? While it’s true that speakers (and volunteers) aren’t compensated in a monetary fashion, that’s not to say that we don’t get value from attending these events.

Knowledge is Everywhere
People come to SharePoint Saturday to learn–this is true, whether you’re an attendee or a speaker. As an attendee, you learn by attending our sessions. Speakers learn through attending sessions, but also through the chatter in the speaker room at the venue, and the discussions that popup at the speaker dinner or the hotel. There has yet to be a SharePoint Saturday that I haven’t learned something from, and I doubt that’ll change any time soon.

Networking is Power
The biggest factor (at least for me) is the networking. Granted, SharePoint Saturday events largely pull from the same pool of speakers, but there’s always people I haven’t met. I personally feel that network has more value than anything. When you’re off working on your own project and find yourself in a bind, you now know two, three, or four people that you could email or tweet for guidance. Along the same lines is the ability to meet people face-to-face that you normally only exchange electronic communication with. I first talked with Mike Oryszak (@next_connect), Marc Anderson (@sympmarc), and Christina Wheeler (@cwheeler76) for about a year before I ever met them in person at my first SharePoint Saturday (Washington DC, 2010). So far in 2012 alone, I’ve put many faces to names, including Jeremy Thake (@jthake), Tom Resing (@resing), Jim Bob Howard (@jbhoward), Matt Bramer (@iOnline247), Cornelius van Dyk (@cjvandyk), Liam Cleary (@helloitsliam), Jason Himmelstein (@sharepointlhorn), and many, many more. From a speaker’s perspective, chatting, and bouncing ideas off of other speakers is a huge perk.

It’s Fun
OK, it may sound corny, and I’m an adult (despite the jokes in the halls about me being young), but SharePoint Saturday’s are fun. The speaker dinner at SharePoint Saturday Richmond was at Dave & Busters, the speaker dinner for SharePoint Saturday Austin was at The Salt Lick (and the rumors are true… they apply BBQ sauce to meat with a mop and a giant bucket)–what could be better than sitting around a table with 10 well-respected peers chowing down on some brisket.

Find an Event Near You
SharePoint Saturday is still growing, and events happen all over the world. Just head over to and find an event near you. If you’re a new speaker (or have never spoken before) with something to share, SharePoint Saturday’s are great, low-pressure events to hone that skill and develop yourself personally, as well as professionally.

4 Responses to “SharePoint Saturday; Why We Do This”

  1. Bonnie Surma says:

    GREAT POST! Definitely a turning point in my life and continues to be! SharePoint Saturdays are for the community to nourish it and help it grow.

  2. So true… I’m going to Dayton, OH at the end of this month. I do it for the same reasons Mike and I’m happy to call you a friend.


  3. Naz Parker says:

    New to SPS. Only started last year when spoke at and sponsored the venue for SPSCPT. Loved it so much I got involved more and more. Today the company I work for is the home of SPSCPT and last month I’ve been asked by the ZA SharePoint Community to join them as Community Lead in Cape Town for, and to as a permanent member of the SPSCPT Team. Also spoke at SPSJHB this year. It’s great. SPS helps me, my company and it’s clients. And other companies and SharePointers in ZA.

    SPS Cape Town is on 08 September 2012 and it’s going to be big again this year. We’re also launching STPAfrica at SPSCPT this year.

    Naz (@nazparker01)

  4. Mike,

    Thanks again for joining and broadening our community. Good post! Hope to see you at SPSToronto, SPSNYC or any other events coming up.


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