SharePoint Saturday The Conference 2012

SharePoint Saturday The Conference

Will you be attending SharePoint Saturday The Conference 2012 this year (August 22-24) in Falls Church, VA? I’m excited to be introducing two brand new sessions; one on provisioning SharePoint 2010 User Profile Services and “SharePoint 2010 Branding Best Bets” discussing common mistakes and pitfalls people make during branding projects.

End-To-End SharePoint User Profile Service (300 Level)

For many, User Profile Services creates a feeling of both excitement and fear. The force behind SharePoint’s user profiles, audiences, MySites, social tags, and more—User Profile Services is both complicated to setup and historically unforgiving when configuration mistakes are made. In this session we’ll discuss system requirements for User Profile Synchronization, perform a bulk import of user photos into Active Directory, and provision User Profile Services with synchronization to Active Directory. Additionally, we’ll cover requirements and configuration for SharePoint Search, to ensure user profiles are correctly crawled, indexed, and available through SharePoint’s search capabilities.

SharePoint 2010 Branding Best Bets (100 Level)

Diving into the world of SharePoint branding can be a real headache. What is the best practice for deploying my branding? How do I select a design firm? What is the impact of mobile devices and how do I ensure cross-browser compatibility? These are all common questions that must be answered during the course of branding efforts. In this session we’ll look at the various aspects of SharePoint branding, and common pitfalls to look out for during your next branding project.

In addition, there will also be great sessions from Liam Cleary (@helloitsliam), Richard Harbridge (@RHarbridge), Michael Mukalian (@mmukalian), Mike Oryszak (@next_connect), Geoff Varosky (@gvaro), and many other great speakers. If you haven’t registered yet, you’re missing out; head over to and register for the event today!

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